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Welcome to Atlanta’s premier kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling company. We are your solution to remodel your kitchen and your bathroom; we understand the importance of incorporating your vision, our client, into a functional and beautiful design that is timeless, improve the quality of life and increase the value of the home. Look no further, we are your Kitchen Remodeling Contractors.

Starting with the right foot forward, we offer you a special design created with a combination of your wishes as a client and the experience of our experts. Each project is totally different and special, like our clients. We are very proud of our ability to understand and capture the vision of our clients in the designs, our ability to select an objective, and our professionals who do things right from the moment they meet the client.


Do you want to change your Kitchen Cabinets or your Kitchen Countertops and Surface?

Has had your project start in the right way, come with us to a design consultation. After that, a meeting with our experts totally free of risks to analyze their ideas, a perspective of understanding the design possibilities, the costs that the reconstruction will have and the time it will be renewed. Come with us and we help you get the best of both worlds with a highly qualified designer who understands construction and a contractor who understands your design vision.

After an initial design meeting, we meet with you to review your material options, we offer you the best products in Kitchen Sinks, Fixtures, & Faucets (stainless steel, porcelain, sinks, faucets, knobs) and Kitchen Lighting (recessed), pendant, LED) with the best appearance of the market without having to exceed your budget. An understanding of each piece of your renovation gives you the power to get the exact look you want. After making the final material selections, you will know exactly how your renovation will look.

Our process is simple and effective, after completing the first steps, the construction can begin without any concern for the finished project. You know exactly what is happening every time I take the project. So what are you waiting for? It’s just a matter of contacting us and seeing your dreams come true. What sets us apart from the competition is our process and the quality of our products and our work, we know what the client’s expectations do not feel and are disappointed at the end of a project, because we have committed ourselves and our clients will never let that happen and will give the maximum in each project we carry out.

Do you need a Traditional Kitchen and without a slogan for a contractor to do it to your liking? We offer the best quality in Kitchen Designs and Wardrobe Systems, Backsplash Kitchen Panels (Granite, melted marble, metal tile, porcelain, travertine), to make your kitchen look like the most beautiful in your neighborhood. We decorate your kitchen and improve the Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing (painting, dyeing, enameling, custom finishes).


We make Complete Kitchen Renovations

We have the best Luxury Countertops for you, with the most beautiful details and with all the luxury you deserve, we place Custom Cabinetry that combine with your countertops to make your kitchen one of the most luxurious places in your home. We will make your kitchen a place where you will want to spend all day preparing delicious dishes, dishes that will make your senses explode combining the beauty of your kitchen and the flavors of your dishes. We have the best Luxury Kitchen Designs in Atlanta, made especially for you.

We are the best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors offering in Atlanta Contemporary Kitchens & Kitchen Islands of the highest quality, with products that do not look for anywhere else and the best design of the market. We have products for your Kitchen floor, such as Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Wood, Mexican tile, Floors and/or stone walls.

For the ecological enthusiasts, we have products that promote the care of the environment. We offer the Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling service, using totally ecological materials, Custom Woodwork made to measure with reusable wood, giving a touch of nature to your kitchen. We also build your Outdoor Kitchens this contains: louver, shaker, slab, and is 100% weather resistant. Help to take care of the environment with us and add a little nature to your home.

Do you have a small apartment and want a Small Kitchen Remodeling? We have Kitchen Windows & Doors designed to your needs, in them; you can find variations such as frames, individual pendants, gliders. We also offer Custom Woodwork to keep all your space to the right size and create the exact spaces to integrate all your kitchen appliances.

Commercial Kitchen Remodeling

We provide the best service for your largest projects; we have designs that will fill your kitchen with functionality, from the minimum as Kitchen Painting, to a total renovation of Kitchen Appliances. We have affordable prices to start your business now; we offer you special prices in New Cabinetry and Cabinet Refacing. What do you expect to take your business to success remodeling your kitchen with the best in the market? Contact us and start earning money.


Restaurant Kitchen Remodels

Gastronomy is one of the professions that have the highest boom in the world at this time, this is mainly due to the wide range of flavors, smells, and textures that can be found around the world. This trend has allowed the gastronomic offer of restaurants, hotels, casinos or food businesses in general, to be much greater; however, not all of these establishments have adequate space to prepare foods that will taste the senses of their guests.

Unfortunately for the profession, many specialists in food preparation think that the only thing they must have to taste the senses of their guests is talent, partly yes, but a perfectly equipped kitchen is an indispensable tool to achieve the full satisfaction of the senses and the demands of diners.

That is why we have decided to add to our services Restaurant Kitchen Remodels; we offer ovens and large ovens that meet the needs of food preparation in a massive way. All of them made of aluminum or stainless steel to prolong their useful life. We also offer Roll-Outs, Spice Drawers, and Charging Stations to maximize the capabilities of your new kitchen.


Bath Remodeling and Renovations

If you are looking to increase the value of your house before a sale or you are waiting for the closing of the sale of a house, you are probably thinking about a renovation or remodeling project in the future. This means that you will have some things to consider, how to find a contractor, how to keep costs to a minimum, and most importantly, how to translate your Pinterest ideas into reality. Here we are, your Bathroom Remodeling Contractors, we are here to help you fulfill your wishes.

Have you had a bad day and want to get home to relax in your bathtub but it’s broken? We offer you Custom Bathroom Renovations and Shower Remodeling to create your dream place of relaxation along with your ideas. We also do the Tub and Shower Installation and Bathroom Countertop Replacement & Installation. For your enjoyment and tranquility, we have a wide variety of Jacuzzi and Spa Tubs that fit your budget and the size of your bathroom. We have the best options and designs to make your bathroom a place where everyone wants to be.


Home Remodeling Contractors in Atlanta

We are a home remodeling company; we offer a full service in Atlanta specializing in residential and commercial construction and renovation. Our mission is simple, to provide each of our clients with the best remodeling services at an affordable price, maintaining a high quality. We have contractors of the highest quality. You will not find a better renovation team in Atlanta.

We offer affordable remodeling as we know we have the best of the best working with us, our team has years of experience in all categories of home remodeling, residential contracting and commercial renovation. Our experts include experienced masons, carpentry and joinery, custom-made cabinetmakers, tile layers, electricians, painters, wood floor installers and restorers, window fitters and custom window manufacturers, and siding installers.

What are you waiting to contact us and improve that place in your home that you do not like? Come to us and let us make your dream come true, do not wait any longer.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge for your services?

Our payment system is flexible and we will charge depending on the amount of work that you have. However, we strive to offer the best rates in the region. 

After reading through our company profile and service we provide, you will realize that we have the best offers in the market and we provide the best services. We have over forty services we can do to the bath and kitchen at rates that are very competitive in the market. We will provide the services we promise as per the schedule.

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